The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

LIGHT BLACK Featuring SoVA Faculty Rudy Shepherd

A show by Victor De Bonnecaze and Barbara Polla, featuring Rudy Shepherd & Frank Olive A message from Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris, about the LIGHT BLACK exhibition: LIGHT BLACK: a passage. Black, the concentration of all colours, mourning but also elegance, Goya and Chapman but also the irony and elegance of drawing, immerses us in life. The black of suffering makes us sense a constant ambivalence: between black and life, between life and black … Illness, danger, death. Life is also grey. It is hesitation … Black life encounters doubt at every crossroads. Some awareness leads us to the process. The process of mourning. Creative process. A process of reparation, too. A process whose model is mathematical and musical as well: repetitive drawing, endless lines and strokes, circles that never close, writing, the synthesizing formula, staves, notes, words. LIGHT BLACK includes work by Rudy Shepherd who has been collaborating with Frank Olive for several years. This project sees them using the fax facility of the la Galerie Vanessa Quang to send their drawings to Paris, which are displayed in the gallery reflecting the passage of time and space. Other artists participating in LIGHT BLACK include Charley Case, Mat Collishaw, Tonino Cragnolini, Mounir Fatmi, Bob Flanagan, Fabrice Langlade, Martin Lord, Luc Mattenberger, Andrea Mastrovito, Robert Montgomery, Lucien Murat, Jean-Michel Pancin, Françoise Petrovitch, Eric Pougeau, Julien Serve, and Jeanine Woollard.