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Arts and Architecture Staff Spotlight Award Feature

We are proud to report that Charolette Waltz received the College of Arts and Architecture's Staff Spotlight Award. This award honors A&A staff members who go above and beyond their normal routines in resolving difficult dilemmas or who have been exceptionally creative and responsive to the needs of others.

The Art Education faculty, who collectively nominated Charolette, had this to say about her exceptional service:
Charolette Waltz is our institutional memory. She is the most reliable source of information for offbeat questions from current or prospective students and the person who knows how things are done within the University. We rely indisputably on her expertise with policy matters regarding our program, school, college, and the Graduate School. New faculty members rely on Charolette as the person with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding policies related to our program, such as advising and teaching placements. When Art Education faculty advised all undergraduate students prior to their entrance into the B.S. Art Education degree, it was Charolette who served as our go-to person as she knew the ins and outs of credit distribution, requirements, Praxis exams, and other procedural information. Charolette is never without a smile or cheerful attitude when assuming new requests from faculty and students to process paperwork, schedule courses, or answer procedural and programmatic questions. 
The Art Education faculty believe Charolette is most deserving of the honor and recognition the Staff Spotlight Award signifies. Charolette has been the face of Art Education for over two decades. Simply, Charolette has been an exemplary staff member who represents the best of what Penn State strives to be. 
Charolette was recognized at the December 2012 All-College Meeting at the Hintz Family Alumni Center.

Congratulations, Charolette. Your SoVA community applauds you!