The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts


The Sculpture Area is committed to the education of developing artists by offering students an environment to discover their personal voice in their work. The contemporary practice of sculpture embraces any conceptually appropriate material and method that best articulates the intent of the artist. As such, our courses and facilities support a broad range of approaches to sculpture, providing diverse conceptual and technical experiences to prepare individuals for professional careers. The curriculum encourages the development of historical knowledge, technical skills, and conceptual excellence within a contemporary framework.

At all levels, a critical study of the histories of art and art criticism are stressed, with emphasis placed on current issues in contemporary sculpture. Independent exploration and experimentation are highly valued. From the onset, students are taught professional practices and are encouraged to pursue opportunities for career advancement. Our undergraduates, graduates, and alumni actively exhibit their work and have been offered a variety of professional opportunities including graduate school, residencies, apprenticeships, and teaching opportunities as a result of our professional atmosphere.

The faculty are all active artists, with national and international exhibition records and accomplishments. They each maintain a rigorous studio practice reflective of the research commitment of the university. Their dedication to their research and art making is rivaled only by their engagement with teaching and learning. The Sculpture area's philosophy of utilizing conceptually appropriate materials and methods is a result of the diverse approaches employed by the faculty in their art work.

Particular strengths of the program include the emphasis on documentation and critique as significant professional practices, and its focus on contemporary art practice that is best represented through sculpture. The sculpture program characterized by the strength of our students, quality of teaching, and rigorous expectations. Professional practices are emphasized, with opportunities are embedded into the program for students leading to future accomplishments after school. With an emphasis on conceptually focused rigor, there is a demand for clarity of thought visually, and in verbally articulating intent.

The sculpture faculty exemplifies range and expertise, who possess a robust arc of building applications and teach conceptually rigorous courses. We are dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to building and thinking, one that celebrates Sculpture's traditional heritage and forward-thinking position.