The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts



Students in Printmaking proceed through established curricular structures that are sequenced from beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. They are introduced to basic printing techniques and conceptual frameworks and are expected to build upon these competencies as they progress through increasingly challenging upper level coursework. Students are encouraged to set individual goals and meet expectations appropriate to their demonstrated interests. Successful accomplishment of these goals is demonstrated by each student’s studio production and classroom assessment

Beyond technical and material competencies, students are expected to develop the ideas and techniques necessary to create a coherent series of artworks. This production must be presented in formal classroom critiques, and students are encouraged to enter juried exhibitions in campus venues. Students will acquire the confidence to embrace experimental solutions, and to formulate transformative outcomes in their studio work.

Penn State’s printmaking program encompasses all printmaking media from the 15th to the 21st century. The requisite facilities in the printmaking studios are available to work on innovative projects using both traditional and digital means. Faculty have extensive expertise in printmaking to assist students to delve deep into a variety of print making media and to bridge printing techniques with other disciplines. For many years, students have explored interdisciplinary projects at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Each area, intaglio/relief, lithography, and screen-printing has a dedicated work space. Most are contiguous so that students and equipment can move freely from one area to another.