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drawing and painting

Drawing and Painting

The Drawing and Painting area is dedicated to an inter-disciplinary, pluralistic, and multimedia approach to art making that embraces painting, drawing, installation, performance, video, and computer-generated image making, as well as web based art and other yet to be determined art forms. The Drawing and Painting area encourages theoretical and personal inquiry into all forms of art, while maintaining the practice of painting as a cultural site from which critical thinking about art can commence. Figurative, non-figurative, abstract, text-based, systems-based ad deconstructive forms of painting and drawing encouraged. Development of a knowledge of the history of art and an understanding of current issues affecting art and society are expected, as well as experimentation in materials and format.

The faculty is comprised of individuals of national and international prominence who are dedicated to full participation in professional art activities as well as to teaching. They provide a variety of points-of-view, engage in regularly scheduled open critiques in which the students have an opportunity to present their work. As a studio area, Drawing and Painting) is highly competitive and has produced students that have gone on to the finest graduate schools in the country. The goal of the painting area is to foster dialogue on the place of art in society as well as to equip the undergraduate student with the means necessary to embark upon a career in the visual arts, and ultimately to help deepen their understanding of their own potential as artists within a challenging and quickly evolving world.

Students participate in periodic reviews and are encouraged to submit work for juried exhibitions as part of their professional preparation. The conceptual and technical aspects of student work are expected to deepen as they progress through the program, resulting in a body of work that demonstrates technical facility, aesthetic intent, and depth of meaning.