The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Digital Arts and Design


The Bachelor of Design programs in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio (iDS), and Professional Photography, and B.A./B.F.A. degrees in New Media, prepare students to explore, critically appraise, and further push the boundaries of how emerging technologies are used in creative contexts. The visual arts and design curricula immerse students in nimble, flexible, and adaptive programs of digital art/design and photography that enable them to infuse their talent and creativity into a world of changing visual technologies. 

Our iDS degree (and proposed revised B.Des in Digital Art and Media Design) meets the technical, creative, and intellectual needs of visual thinking, computer programming, and graphic communication. This program prepares students for careers in web-based design, 3-D modeling, animation, game development, video and motion graphics, and interactive media. SoVA’s Professional Photography major is designed to provide in-depth, formal education that orients students for careers in client-based professional photography or related fields. The degree focuses on building and synthesizing competencies and capabilities essential to photographers’ professional, intellectual, and cultural lives.

SoVA’s Bachelor of Design in Digital Multimedia Design (DIGMD) is a new multidisciplinary degree offered in partnership with the Colleges of Communication and Information Science and Technology, and is offered entirely online through Penn State’s World Campus. The DIGMD introduces students to different domains of knowledge and ways of knowing from across disciplines in applying their knowledge in a range of digital contexts within diverse cultural settings.